Window Design

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Casement Window

Casement window replacements are a great choice for anyone looking to reinvigorate and modernize their home. Casement windows are stainless steel hinged at the bottom and open outward, with a crank handle. Additionally, casement windows have superior air tightness compared to other window types,...

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Fixed windows, sometimes known as picture windows, are designed to capture the beauty of a view, as they allow for panoramic views of the natural world with their varying sized frames. Picture windows do not open or close like regular styled windows; instead they are large single pieces of glass...

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Double Hung

Double hung window replacement can be a great way to upgrade your home's look and feel while also improving energy efficiency. How double hung windows operate is quite simple; they consist of two frames which move up and down inside each other and open on the opposite sides. The lower sash...

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Single Hung

A single hung window is a typical window that tends to match what you currently have in your home. These windows are designed for simple operation and only one sash moves. The bottom sash slides vertically while the top sash remains stationary, making it easy to open or close the window...

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2-Lite Slider

Sliding windows have remained incredibly popular since their invention because of their simplicity. This type of window operates in just the same way as a typical window, with one key difference: instead of opening and closing along a vertical axis, the sliding window works on a perpendicular...

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3-Lite Slider

A 3-lite slider is a simple yet effective way to make an interior room look bigger. It can replace the opening of three separate windows, providing needed space in any room, and is easy to operate; simply sliding one panel either left or right will open or close the window. The versatility of a...

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Specialty Shaped

Specialty shaped fixed windows are an eye-catching addition to walls and can make a big impact in your home. From classic arched options, to specialty shapes like semi circles and triangles, specialty shaped fixed windows elevate the aesthetic of any space. Not only do specialty shaped windows...


Single Hung Arched

Specialty arched windows are truly an elegant design. They feature soft, graceful curves that look like pieces of art – the view from any room that has specialty arched windows is truly one-of-a-kind. They can add a From crisp modern homes to rustic country cottages, specialty arched windows can...

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Exterior Frame Colors

Frame colors to fit any exterior design.

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Interior Frame Colors

From a clean white look to a beautiful woodgrain laminate, find the right match for every room.